Tips on finding best niches for dropshipping

Any dropshipping business begins with choosing your future niche. And this step must not be underestimated. The niche defines almost everything in your business – the design of your website, promotion methods and channels, the content of the site and blog, etc.

So how do you find the best niches for dropshipping?

A good dropshipping niche is…

Everything sells. Like it or not, today everything is considered as vendibles, and the range of potential goods is so wide that finding a good category of products seems impossible. However, all promising niches share common features, and all you need is to see those features.

  • Utility. People like all kinds of stuff including things that have no use. But still, utility remains one of the most important qualities of any product. So ask yourself, what problem can be solved with these products. If the problem seems common, you’ve hit the spot.
  • Emotions. However, do not underestimate the importance of feelings! Sometimes people just buy things spontaneously, just because they really liked something. A cool-looking T-shirt, a cute anime figurine, a painting with a breath-taking view – all these products have no or little practical value, but they capture the hearts!
  • Being unique. Never forget that there are competitors in any niche. If you really want to attract customers, offer them something unique, something that stands out from other similar products. Furthermore, a good product for dropshipping is the one you can’t find in regular stores.
  • Fashion and trends. Lastly, some goods sell well only because they become trendy. Some trends hold for a year or two, while others stay for decades. So be careful: try to avoid short-term trends that can fade away before you even start your business.

Examples of best niches for dropshipping

  1. Wireless devices

Although high tech devices are considered not the best products for dropshipping (due to prices and fragility), some of the cheaper items prove to be a good option.

The demand for wireless headphones, routers and other devices is steady, and the related markets are expected to show great compound annual growth in the years to come. For example, wireless audio market will reach $31.8 billion by 2023.

  1. Wearable sensors

According to Zion Market Research, the compound annual growth of wearable sensors market will equal to 34.2% during 2017-2022. Fitness is getting more popular nowadays, and so do the products associated with it.

  1. Anti stress toys

Stress is a sad reality of our every-day life, and such toys serve as a great way to cope with it. Google Trends shows that the interest for this niche is stable. Besides, some of such products also feature cuteness which appeals to emotions, and that’s great too!

  1. Supplies for arts and crafts

What’s the difference between work and entertainment? Work is something you get paid for. Entertainment is something you pay for. Many good niches are related to different hobbies including those that take a lot of time and money. So dropshipping materials for such hobbies can be very profitable. Pencils and markers, paints and canvases, music accessories – these are sought-after products one can use as a niche.

  1. Sport clothes

It’s one of the best niches for dropshipping, as it shows stable demand for a long time and is expected to do so in future. As a dropshipper, you cannot compete with firms manufacturing professional sport wear, but you can offer cheap alternatives for ordinary people.

  1. Clothes with writings

You’ve probably seen a lot of T-shirts with various writings on them. Some of them are funny, some are philosophical, some have social undertone. Such clothing has become an easy way to express your feelings, worldview or sense of humor, so it’s always popular.

  1. Products for pets

Doggies and kitties – they deserve the best! That’s what most people think. Indeed, all pets require professional food, vitamins and accessories to live a full life, and their owners are ready to pay. This category of products always features high demand.

  1. Useful gadgets

We all remember those commercials on TV advertising useful gadgets for house and kitchen. And they are still popular, as many people like cooking, and so they need tools for different dishes. On the other hand, those who hate cooking buy this stuff too because it makes things easier!

There are other profitable niches, and you should not limit yourself to choosing from this list only. Remember that the best niches for dropshipping are those which you truly like with all your heart! Find something that inspires you, and you’ll succeed!

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